A Typical Day’s Programme is as follows:  

7.15-9.00      Admissions and free play 

9.00-10.30    Creative activities, alphabet work, numbers, shapes, colours etc.

10.30-11.00   T.V. Drinks and snack, toilets

11.00-11.45   Outdoors on fine days. A variety of either lotto games, musical instruments, ring games, wall displays etc

11.45-12.00   A variety of story and singing

12.00-1.00     Lunch, toilets and free play

1.00-2.00       Creative activities or a variety of games

2.00-2.30       T.V., toilets

2.30-3.30       A variety including display work, ring games, musical instruments and outside play

3.30-3.40       Drinks and snacks

3.40-4.00       Stories, singing or musical instruments

4.00-4.30       Tea consisting of sweet, savoury and plain sandwiches. Toast is made occasionally. Drink.    

4.30-6.30       Toilets. Free play until children are collected.

Fees are set in January each year and remain fixed for twelve months.

The scale of fees is calculated on average attendance and the same amount will be charged each week whether your child attends or not. No fees are payable for Bank Holidays or days when the nursery is closed for any reason.
Extra sessions will be charged on a day-to-day basis. The fee must be paid at the beginning of each week and any arrears included in the first payment after any period of absence.
If, after any reasonable reminders are issued, the arrears continue to accumulate, we reserve the right to offer the place to another child.

Funding for 3 yr olds

The stand-alone 15 hr offer is 9-12am or 1-4pm for up to 5 sessions per week, over 38 weeks.

There is limited availability for 30 hrs; however, we offer 23.75 hours over 48 weeks.