The Pre-school room: 3-5 yrs

In this room it is a continuation of the Tweenie room but with more challenging experiences. We follow a set topic each term with integrated activities such as cooking, food tasting, making sandwiches etc. We cover a few multi-cultural celebrations lightly to enable the children to respect each other’s cultures and show awareness of these. We have a computer also in this room for the children. We follow a curriculum that goes into more detail that is included with your information.
 Play includes musical instruments, card games, counting, alphabet, water play, easel painting, sand play, unifix cubes, lotto games, money trays, weighing scales, dressing up etc.
When the children leave us to go to school we make a record of transfer that is an ongoing developmental progress report. This is read firstly by parents/ guardians where you are encouraged to write your comments before returning them to us. We then forward this to the chosen school, making sure both nursery and parents/ guardians have a copy.

In addition to the activities mentioned above, we have a large stock of toys and games, books, cars and roadways, trains and tracks, play people, dolls, farm and zoo animals, various construction bricks, jigsaws etc. We also have outside equipment that is brought indoors on occasions.