The Baby Room: 3mths-2yrs

In the baby room, we provide a safe and stimulating environment. We are interested in the children’s entire developmental progress taking into account what is best for each individual child. We play, cuddle, and talk with the children introducing stimulating activities, for example: painting, sticking, play dough, sand etc when they are ready and willing.

We share books and sing and we always encourage the children to enjoy a wide variety of new and exciting experiences.

We bottle feed the babies where we ask parents to provide the milk and individual bottles and teats. We sterilise all bottles etc.

When the children are ready, we work with the parents/ guardians on the weaning procedure. We liquidise our own food or you may supply your own. However, we cannot reduce your fees if you decide to do this.

We ask the parents/ guardians to supply nappies and barrier creams if needed. We also start to potty train the children working alongside the parents/ guardians.

We start the children’s developmental profiles with the help of parents/ guardians. This enables us to achieve our goals with each child’s individual needs. A photocopy of this profile will be given to you when the children move up to the Tweenie room.