Opening Times are from 7.15am-6.30pm Monday-Friday throughout the year except Bank Holidays and the week from Christmas to New Year.

We include all children in our provision and we have regard for the DfEs Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. We celebrate (at children’s level) the festivals/celebrations that respect all people’s cultures and beliefs. These events always represent the ethnicity of the attending children and the area. No children are allowed into the nursery with any infectious disease; this includes chicken pox, measles, mumps and conjunctivitis and especially diarrhoea. This protects your own children as well as others.

Please let us know if there are any unusual circumstances at home that may upset your child emotionally and we can comfort them if need be. Confidentiality is recognised throughout the nursery.

Please give a months notice if the place is not needed.

Johnson Garden Day Nursery

Burley Road,

Sittingbourne, Kent. ME10 1JL

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